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Have you ever been victimized by a FEMALE PSYCHO BITCH from hell? Well, some of the folks on this site have been, and we don’t wish one on you. Take a spin through our site, and enjoy a tale about these female psycho bitches from hell. These stories may be true, based on actual situations, or they may just be made up – you decide.  Names have been changed to protect individual’s privacy, even the crazy woman’s.  Please read our terms and conditions for this site and refrain from making any negative statements about any real persons.  Remember, we want to take a bad situation and make the best of it, or heck, just tell a funny story.

We at FEMALE PSYCHO aim to educate, elucidate, entertain, and inform you of the outrageous behaviors of these nutty creatures.  We also hope to provide some humor and insight and a forum, in the form of a blog, to discussing how to handle these bitches.  We welcome contrary views and comments from the ladies. Enjoy!

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Domestic-violence order for Facebook unfriend threat

Domestic-violence order for Facebook unfriend threat.

A reader to “femalepyscho.com” sent me an interesting article about crazy situation deriving from a Facebook, “friend”.  Very crazy.  Check out the article at IMOD Blog.

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female psycho? crazy woman? note: stock photo, model not related to subject of article

I want to have your baby


Has a female psycho ever said to you, “I want to have your baby?”  Scary stuff.  Well it has happened and this is not a horror movie, but sure seems like one.  Only it is true, and you are the chosen one.

Female Psycho’s come in many types.  Many, you can not discover their craziness, until you have been around these female psychos for a peroid of time.  Then strange things start to occur and you wonder if you are in a bad movie.  But no, it is all to real and you are deep in web of one of these crazy women.   Like a bad movie you are waiting for it to end, but you did not write the script, and you are the punch line.


First of all, let me set the stage. Years ago on a Caribbean Island, I’ll call Amerigo, there was guy I’ll call Biff. Biff was a cross between a Georgia football player and a California surfer. A good guy, strong, handsome, and a natural athlete. With all of his abilities and natural gifts, intellect was not one of them. I was a bartender in a restaurant owned by two gay guys, and Biff was a waiter. It was a strange place to work and the wait staff and customers were eclectic mix. Biff transitioned to running and operating a snorkel/dive charter business on the next island over, and became fairly successful. This was a five star resort with a long history of catering to the rich. I ended up working for Biff part time, while operating snorkel and dive excursion boats for other companies. Biff’s business depending on annual contracts with the resort. These contracts were administer by Priscilla, the accountant.

Priscilla, our to be discovered female psycho, was a nice lady in her 30’s, semi-attractive, but something was not quite right.  She dressed nice, but too proper for the islands. Her hair was nice, but rarely out of place, another thing you don’t see in the islands. Basically, she was a nice person, but too straight laced, kind of like a church lady. There was something not quite right, but it was hard to put my finger on it.  Priscilla had a friend, who worked at the resort, I’ll call Candy. I liked Candy and thought she was a pretty cool girl, primarily because she was unique. Picture a female, Larry the Cable Guy, in hog washers, and a black belt in karate. Candy was also into the occult and was learning obeah voodoo from the locals.  She was interesting to be around. Having a martial arts background, I used to spar with her on the beach and freak out the tourists, then go drink beers at the local watering hole. Remember, the islands are a little different. So these were people I had a working relationship with, and knew socially.

The weirdness started when Priscilla invited me to her house one night to go over some business paperwork. The candles were lit and out came the rum and coke and a joint. Oh, and did I mention soft music was playing in the background. I know what Priscilla wanted, and it wasn’t to complete paperwork. Between competing emotions and testosterone, that voice in the back of my head said, “leave”. I’m glad I did. As it turned out, Priscilla’s biological clock was ticking down and she wanted a baby. I later learned, through the coconut telegraph, that Priscilla had approached Biff about fathering a kid. Biff wasn’t interested. So Priscilla enlisted Candy’s aid in getting Biff to have sex with her. Candy, as well as using various approaches to Biff, resorted to enacting voodoo spells to get Biff to have sex with Priscilla. This may have involved leaving root bags outside of Biff’s house or drawing mystical symbols in his driveway. In any case it didn’t work. Priscilla then told Biff she wanted a baby, but he did not have to be responsible for it. Biff, was smart enough to decline the offer. Priscilla, with her biological clock ticking, the told Biff, if he did not get her pregnant, he would lose his contract with the hotel. Without the contract, he would be out of business. She said still, he would not be responsible for the baby. With few options, Biff had sex with Priscilla, who then became pregnant. So, all is well. Not quite. Since Priscilla, our female psycho,  was now pregnant and not married, she was endanger of losing her job at this fancy resort. So she asked Biff if he would marry her. Biff said no. Priscilla said no marriage, no contract with the resort. To avoid losing his business he got married with Priscilla. The marriage was a sham. Biff maintained his philandering ways, and Priscilla had a baby and unhappy marriage. I think within a couple of years Biff left the island for greener pastures.

While Candy was a hoot, Priscilla was definitely a Female Psycho! Guys, if something doesn’t seem right, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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